Budget Gaming Build Under 550$

need a budget gamig build under 550$.
Here is a system im going for after a short time :
i3-3220 3.3ghz
MSI H 61 motherboard
GTX 650 ti boost 2gb
4gb of corsair vengeance ram
500w psu
nZXT source 210 case
500gb western digital blue hddœ
Any optical drive
So what do u think ?? It will not exceed 550$ right ? BTW its without screen etc... just the case and its component ! Thanks in advance.
Im living in lebanon btw.
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  1. Doesnt look too bad.. You could probably drop down to a 430 watt corsair psu and have alot better psu at the same price.. I would drop the intel based cpu, unless you just hate amd, and pick up an amd hex core, and the 7870 graphics card for the same price and have alot faster build overall that plays games better.. Ill build and link..
  2. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1utk0 Pretty solid build for $543 Check it out, this thing will play games on ultra at sustainable frames
  3. almost forgot, the 970 asrock board, is always like 79$ on newegg.. dunno why it shows $30 higher, so ur actual price is like $510 for that build and u get a hex core, and strong graphics
  4. thats really helpful, I donno why I just dont like amd, but the Fx 6300 u suggested is away better than this i3 and cheaper. but for a graphics card Im gonna stick with Nvidia, just dont like AMD. BTW does having an NVidia graphics card on amd motherboard with amd cpu will affect the performance ??? or its gonna be fine. So will the system u suggested work fine with the GTX 650 ti Boost EVGA SC edition ????

  5. PcPowerBuildsdotcom said:
    the 650 ti is slower and less powerful than the 7870 ghz 2gb 256bit,, but it is the same price. Nvideo runs hotter in most aspects too btw..

    i think you will find amd to be a very good product if you gave them a try, amd core to core with intel will lose every time, but performance per dollar amd will win.. Grab ya the build i quoted above and you will be able to enjoy future upgradability to the new steamroller cpus, 32gb of ram, and crossfire graphics upgradability. and even eyefinity x6 monitors.

    if you go with amd, the cpu's get hotter and need more air and power, but their gpu's are solid,.... if you go with intel/invidia, less power/ heat at the cpu, and more at the gpu.. But the amd build will cost much less and provide more performance

    ya its really brilliant thinking, but Im gonna stick with Nvidia because there is games that I want to run runs better on Nvidia, but for a cpu, ur suggested one is really a great performance 2 value !! Thank you. and btw Im talking about the GTX 650 TI boost EVGA, not the 650 ti only ! :D but thanks anyway.
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