ASUS CM5570 AP002 refusing to start

I have an older computer- asus cm5570. I have not done any replacements on it except the power supply and it's the exact same model as the replaced one and I switched the battery with another computer that does work but is too old to test much else.....floppy drive, anyone? Lol) Recently (about a month ago) my fiancee and I were playing some Left 4 Dead with a custom map and it shut down on us and gave us a bsod. Some kind of kernal error. The bsodb error was different each time it showed up. I attempted to use the recovery disk only for the computer to keep rebooting on its own during the windows loading screen. I also tried upgrading to Windows 7 (Vista Home Premium btw) because I thought maybe the OS was corrupt...even tried booting from the recovery cd AND the windows 7 cd to no avail. I decided tobleave it alone for awhile to collect some thoughts and ideas of what to do...and the next day it just keeps rebooting and doesn't show anything on the monitor let alone boot to the BIOS. My motherboard lights up, the power supply has been replaced and works, the cpu fan comes on, and the LED power light comes on. I have tried a beep soind test but it doesn't stay on for more than a few seconds. I have completely disasembled (including the battery), cleaned, and reassembled the parts (boy were they dusty) and I have tried running bare minimum (only cpu, psu, and mobo) and tested the RAM (three 2gb cards) in each slot but it still reacts the same way- consistent rebooting and on a rare occassion it will "hang" and the fans will run quietly and the light will be on but it won't show anything on the screen. Please forgive the rambling and lack of link to my computer specs (which can be googled) but I am forced to use a tablet and I am a pc diehard so it's awkward for me. Anyways...any help or ideas would be appreciated!! She may be old but I miss my baby :(
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  1. Try starting it with only CPU and CPU fan installed. See if getting 1 long 2 short beeps.
    Then add 1 RAM stick and start again - 1 long, 3 short.
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