Razer Launches USB-Based Kraken 7.1 Headset

Razer has launched a new PC gaming headset that will light up your ears with the company's popular logo.

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  1. I really do like Razer mice, but their keyboards are a bit lacking in quality control, and their audio products are the crème de la crème of garbage.
  2. I got razer copperhead mouse. I have had it for so many years. Before that, all my mouses broke. No, I did not hit them. Ergonomics are not the best though.

    I threw away my razer mirror edition keyboard. Many buttons broke quickly and no, I did not hit it. It was also slippery and it was hard to use fast/properly. Horrible trash.

    I also got razer megalodon headset. Microphone is too loose and falls down all the time even though I don't ever use it. No I did not play with it. It is very low quality. Sound quality is ok. Surround/maelstrom is horrible. It just feels like someone put a pot in your head.
  3. i still love my Roccat Kulo - 7.1
  4. I find that with so many drivers on a 7.1, the bass is never good enough.
  5. Kevin really missed an opportunity here. He could have titled this article "Razer releases the Kraken"
  6. does anybody know if this headset works with PS3?
  7. does anybody know if this headset works with PS3?
  8. Does anybody know if the virtual surround is processed by the headset, or trough the Synapse software?

    Currently I have a normal headset configured for virtual surround trough the Synapse software. But there is a slight delay. Not a lot, but enough to decide your game.

    My question is, does this same delay appear when using this headset or not?
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