Computer freezes usually while on youtube

Hey guys like the title says im having a problem with my computer completely locking up when watching YouTube. There have been some other cases one being as soon as I opened Google chrome and clicked something it froze. And the other while stepping away from the computer while skyrim was running. This computer build is almost a month old and when I built it I didn't have this problem. This started randomly and I hadn't installed anything around the time it started. So I have spent hours roaming the web to see what people have done to fix this. But most of the posts I have read the original poster just stopped posting.

System I have:

-AMD FX 8350
-Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
-Gigabyte GEFORCE GTX 660
-Toshiba 7200 rpm 6.0GB/s HD 1TB
-Samsung 840 series SSD 120GB
-Crucial Ram 16GB

I am also running an Alienware gaming keyboard and razer naga gaming mouse. Im mentioning these just in case someone might know of a program related to these that might cause this. The programs running in the background are usually Steam, Dropbox, Teamviewer, Dolby home theater, Norton, Nvidia, synapse 2.0, Alienware FX, Alienware TactX. I have closed these out and tested the issue with no change. But I only exited out of these through the system tray. I do not know if any of these stayed running in the background.

What I have done:

-Updated the GPU to the latest drivers
-Uninstalled and reinstalled GPU drivers
-Disabled flash's hardware acceleration
-Uninstall/reinstall flash
-Disabled YouTube's HTML5 trial
-Full Norton scan
-Booted in safe mode and tried playing YouTube videos
-Tried Explorer and Chrome (Chrome is my default)

Now with the exception of the one time in Skyrim I have played everyday at 8 hours plus a day when and after this problem started and there are no issues. unless I have YouTube playing at the same time im gaming. I have had monitoring software open and none of my hardware comes close to overheating. just within the past 7 hours of trying to fix this I have had to manual reset over 20 times. Sometimes I can watch an hours worth of YouTube videos. When I disable adblock the advertisement instantly freeze my computer on chrome but not on Explorer. If a video decides to play as soon as I try to skip forward it will most likely freeze, and when I try to adjust the quality it will freeze. The problem is very sporadic. I have seen posts where after a couple minutes the computer unfreezes but I have let mine sit for almost half an hour before I just restarted it. I also monitored my CPU usage because another poster said right before the freeze all their cores maxed out. Mine stayed under 1/4 on the graph any of the freezes. Sorry for the length of this but I wanted to give as many details as I could think of instead to the usual "My computer froze during watching YouTube." and then answer all the following comment with "I did that already." Thank you in advance for any help.
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  1. Ok so heres the update:
    after writing this it started to freeze after about 2 minutes of game play also. Seeing this I figured that the GPU was bad. Luckily I still have 4 days left before I reach my 30 day return limit. So I returned it and got a new GPU put it in and did a benchmark and is worked wonderfully. So I reinstalled the drivers for the GPU and in the middle of the benchmark test if froze. After restarting it froze on youtube, and then again about 2 minutes into Skyrim. So I figured maybe its my motherboard and maybe its the pcie slot. I moved it down to the second PCIEX16 slot. so far its running smooth. So my question for this is does this mean the motherboard had a bad PCIE slot? Or is it something software related that could cause an issue with that one slot.
  2. It sounds like the CPU or GPU is overheating. What are the temps? (under load). Also, what is your PSU?
  3. tiny voices said:
    It sounds like the CPU or GPU is overheating. What are the temps? (under load). Also, what is your PSU?

    while on YouTube my GPU stays around 35-40C and my CPU averages 20C. During gaming load my GPU stays around 60C and CPU stays around 40C. Im running a GC700 PSU. If I can make it through a benchmark test ill post the results for temps.
  4. GC700? What brand is that?
  5. tiny voices said:
    GC700? What brand is that?

    corsair gaming series 700 watt power supply.
  6. tiny voices said:
    GC700? What brand is that?

    well I could have sworn the benchmark test gave a graph of the temps. But I also has another program open taking readings and my CPU went between 40-45C and my GPU went up to 50C and went no higher.
  7. update:

    Well ive done a few more things. I decided to make sure it wasn't memory related. I dropped to 1 stick and tested it and it froze so I swapped it out and got the same result. I ended up taking the memory out of the wifes gaming rig and also ended with the same result. So everything just keep pointing back to the dang GPU. So I was thinking maybe there is a compatibility issue which when looking at the specs there shouldn't be. I swapped out my GPU with the wifes for a test. She has an XFX 6760 and all my problems are gone. So im stumped. What can I do? Does this mean im going to have to get a different GPU like a 670 or higher? sorry if there are grammar errors its late and im too tired to double check.
  8. Just RMA your GPU. They will send you a new one.
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