AMD8320 CPU overclocking issues, please help.

I have been trying to overclock my CPU (AMD 8320) up to 4.2ghz and it keeps blue screening (blue screens when I start Skyrim or Hawken video games). I'm really a noob when it comes to overclocking components, so any help on how to properly overclock my CPU to its max would be greatly appreciated.

here are my specs.
CPU: AMD 8320 8 Core Processor
Ram: 8GB Corsair Vengeance
Water Cooler: Corsair H55
MoBo: Asus M5A97 LE R2.0
GPU: Asus HD 7870 Direct CUll 2GB
PSU: ThermalTake TR2 600W
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
if I'm missing anything else, please let me know.
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  1. Did you stress test for stability?
  2. dragonsamus said:
    Did you stress test for stability?

    I kinda did, I used prime95 to stress test the CPU. It didn't show any problem but the only concern I had was that my CPU was getting pretty got (65C) and so I stopped the test so I can prevent any problems. I might need a better water cioler system.
  3. Try to record your blue screen to see what the error will help you a lot, you can go to Advance system setting/Advance/ Startup and recovery to disable automatically restart.
    Try to open Event Viewer, look at system section and find out is there any error recored
  4. How long did you run Prime95?
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