UK Supermarket Tesco May Launch Own Tablet

Rumor has it Tesco wants to launch a tablet before the year is out.

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  1. Its just gonna be one of these cheap chinese tablets with the Tesco logo on it and double the price tag
  2. The question is why? Since Tesco's also sell books and DVDs, could this mean an attempt to sell tablet content as well, like Kindle?
  3. Sorry having read the article in full that appears to be exactly what they are doing. Good luck to them, a competitor to Amazon is exactly what we need.
  4. It's the "Breakfast cerial companies making video-games" thing all over again. So many materials and resources goint into making junk these days... It's sad, given the state of the planet...
  5. Tesco is no small company, they take £1 out of every £8 spent in British shops, they are basically the Walmart of the UK. Yes they sell some cheap things but also some good stuff too, I wait to be pleasantly surprised but will still not buy one as I want the Surface Pro 2 Haswell
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