Getting into PC Gaming; First Build ($1200), Advice Sought

Hi guys, I have decided to build my first PC and get into PC gaming. I've been researching for a while now and I'm pretty confident that I know the basics of how everything works and that I can build one myself. My budget is $1100 - $1200 with everything included (Case, CPU, GPU, RAM, OS, Mobo, Hard Drive, Power Supply, Display/Monitor, and mouse and keyboard). I want this computer for playing new and old games like Battlefield 4 (and other shooters), Watch Dogs, Far Cry, Fallout, Mortal Kombat, Batman and some racing games . I want this system to play most games without a problem and want it to continue to do so for the next couple years. I want higher frames per second than I would get on PS4 or XB1 and 1080p because graphics is one of the main reasons I want to switch from consoles. Other than games I will just use it for casual things like Facebook, e-mail, YouTube, writing essays for school, and streaming live videos. Here is what I've been looking at:


I'm almost done picking the parts but I really need some advice before completely finalizing my components. I still have no idea what case to get so please recommend one (Preferably a cheap one. I don't care at all about looks or noise but I don't want dust gathering too easily). If you change something in my build, could you also explain why you did so I can learn even more from this experience. Also, what do I need to have my PC compatible with my wireless internet in my house? And if I can figure out how to connect an Ethernet cable to my PC, are there any benefits?

I am still new to this so let me know where I can save money/improve system, if frankly something is overkill/unnecessary, or if something wouldn't work/is incompatible. If there is anything important that I should know about PC gaming please let me know since I've been a console gamer all my life. Thanks.:D
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  1. PCPartPicker part list:
    Price breakdown by merchant:

    CPU: Intel Core i5-4570 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor ($159.99 @ Microcenter)
    Motherboard: Asus H87-PRO ATX LGA1150 Motherboard ($127.55 @ Newegg)
    Memory: Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory ($71.35 @ Amazon)
    Storage: Samsung 840 Pro Series 128GB 2.5" Solid State Disk ($122.99 @ NCIX US)
    Storage: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($62.99 @ NCIX US)
    Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 760 2GB Video Card ($259.99 @ Amazon)
    Case: Corsair 200R ATX Mid Tower Case ($39.99 @ NCIX US)
    Power Supply: Corsair CX 500W 80 PLUS Bronze Certified ATX12V Power Supply ($49.99 @ Microcenter)
    Optical Drive: LG GH24NS95 DVD/CD Writer ($15.98 @ Outlet PC)
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (OEM) (64-bit) ($89.98 @ Outlet PC)
    Monitor: Asus VS239H-P 23.0" Monitor ($152.48 @ Newegg)
    Total: $1153.28
    (Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.)
    (Generated by PCPartPicker 2013-08-23 01:09 EDT-0400)

    i downed the CPU because it didnt semem like you were going to overclock, i swapped the mobo since its not a high quality, asus gigabyte has better performance than asrock usually
    i got you the 840 pro > 840 faster
    most people go for xfx, corsair, seasonic - because more reliable better standing in community
    and case nzxt, corsair, silverstone all good there are others but its cheap and etc
  2. Yeah you're right I'm not going to overclock. Maybe in my second or third build in the future.
    So is everything compatible and is my GPU good enough?
    And the i5-4570 will cost me around $200 because I don't think I live near a Microcenter for me to pick it up.
  3. Yeah everything is compatible but here is the thing if you don't mind me conjecturing, AMD is not a bad route too - should look at that too you know? :) cheaper also
  4. Yeah I will definitely look into it thanks for your help. I'm going to post a revised version of this. But how do I delete this discussion?
  5. best to pick someone as solved to close the thread
  6. It doesn't let me because I think its a discussion.
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