CCC doesn't show crossfire with both carsa but does show Dual graphics with one card

Im running a Trinity system, A-10 5800k, with an asrock FM2A85X extreme 6 other board, 2 4gb sticks of DDR3 ram, 2 320gb sataII HDDs in raid0, cpu is liquid cooled, 1 60gb sataIII SSD, 2 HIS IceQueen2 radeon HD 7750s with crossfire bridge, DVD writer drive, and a 500 watt power modular power supply. Before my system had a crash (due to an incomplete windows update caused by isp mistakenly shutting off our internet) my CCC had a crossfire option for my two radeon 7750's. After the crash I went out and bought a 60gb SSD and used back door in the windows install disk to access my files and recover my music, pictures, and moves and transfer them between computers using the SSD. Once I had transferred all the files I wanted too, I installed the SSD, wiped my raid array, and installed windows 7 Home Premium on my SSD. I noticed that the system sees my apu's 7660, and sees both my 7750's but it does not give me a crossfire option after the reinstall of windows. If I remove one of the 7750's my system lets my put the remain 7750 into dual graphics mode with my apu's 7660. I have tried removing and reinstalling CCC many times yet I get the same result. The only thing that has changed is I have added an SSD and I'm running windows 7 Home Premium instead of ultimate, as I no longer have a windows 7 ultimate iso. Please do not say user error, or I didn't do this right, I'm not a novice I'm a tech for a living, this is just a problem that I'm unable to solve.
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  1. The latest Drivers were causing the issue, do not use driver 13.4 if using cards in cross fire, use driver 13.1
  2. 13.8 and 13.8.2 are the latest and are also supposed to address the Xfire issues, some of them at least.
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