Should I Upgrade Mobo or Get New CPU/Mobo combo

Hey everyone. I'm interested in upgrading my system and was wondering about other's opinions on the situation. So right now I have a Core I7-860 CPU and a single 7970 video card. I'm looking to upgrade in the future to crossfire 7970s but my current mobo only allows for one video card. I began looking for a new motherboard with LGA 1156 and the options seem really limited right now and what is out there is expensive. So i started looking at maybe just upgrading the whole CPU/mobo combo. So basically my options are:

1.) Spend 200-250 dollars on a good mobo for an old cpu that will support xfire.
pros: relatively cheap, don't need to change too much
cons: if my cpu dies i'm left with an old mobo, performance?

2.) Spend (?) dollars and buy a new mobo/cpu.
pros: more future-proof, will probably get better performance
cons: probably pricey (unless anyone can recommend anything AMD or intel)

3.) Sell my 7970 and buy a 7990 for now
pros: easiest
cons: pricey, still left with old cpu/mobo

So i guess my question is what would anyone out there recommend? Will that CPU be good for me for years to come? Is it worth spending some money to upgrade it? Any recommendations?

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Do not sell your 7970 right now your CPU is bottle-necking it.

    What is your budget for a new cpu/mobo?
  2. I would go with option 2 me thinks if you can afford it (allows room to upgrade in the future)
  3. sparkz89 said:
    Do not sell your 7970 right now your CPU is bottle-necking it.

    What is your budget for a new cpu/mobo?

    Yeah selling the 7970 was more of a last option if i couldn't figure out anything else. Do you really think the CPU is bottlenecking it? I've read in a bunch of places that that CPU should be fine. I was a bit concerned that bottlenecking would start appearing if I was crossfiring. Budget is important but there really isn't a limit. I would love any opinions on the best bang for the buck that people could think of. Looking around it looked like the AMD options were much cheaper. Gaming is the most important thing i'm looking for, with HTPC/Video options second. I'm not doing any serious number crunching/programming or anything like that.

    Thanks all!
  4. If you are doing any video editing and want amd get a 8350 with a 990fx mobo from either asus or gigabyte but if you choose to overclock consider asrock extreme 9 boards. These three have the best vrms in the market. If you choose intel i7 4770k since you mentioned video editing.
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