DDR3 RAM 1333 and 1600

I would like to ask if I buy a ram with 1600 speed and put it in a motherboard which does not support 1600, only 1333 and below, will it reduce the speed of the ram to 1333 only?

Also, if the processor only support 1333 RAM but the motherboard support 1600
RAM, will the 1600 RAM reduced to 1333?

I am wondering what would be the wise decision:
Intel Pentium G2020, Gigabyte GA H61M-DS2 rev1, 4gb 1333 RAM - will buy a GPU card maybe next year or later.


Intel Celeron G1610, Asus H16M-C, 4gb 1600 RAM - will buy core i5 cpu maybe some few years from now and GPU maybe next year or later. Core i generation supports 1600 ram

I'm having a doubt because the processors are upgrading every year and also their prices. My purpose of this build are for all-around performance and also gaming. Thanks for those who could help me. ^_^

PS. Please advise only between the choices above, no AMD or anything to change. ^_^
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  1. normally a motherboard will reduce the speed of the ram to one which is compatible with that way it will post. and if the cpu only supports a certain speed but the motherboard will support a faster speed, then yeah the ram will default the to fastest speed the cpu will support, but you can change the speed of the ram in the BIOS for the motherboard to get the speed you want.

    and you will get better performance from the pentium.
  2. When first installed the DRAM will be booted at the mobos default freq, then you can raise it to whatever point the combo of mobo and CPU can handle
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