HAF XB Case with flip-up monitor? Viable project?

Okay guys so I was thinking about how damn heavy and cumbersome my full ATX tower is to take to LAN parties and for recording stuff for my band over at other peoples' places. So I started looking around at some new cases that are nice and portable but have some decent airflow and I came across the Cooler Master HAF XB. Looks like decent airflow, good portability, and can support some mondo hardware. Anyways I was thinking about getting that case and transferring the guts of my current rig into that, and then another brilliant idea popped into my head: "I wonder if I can make the rig self-contained?"

Basically what I want to do is find a way to mount a monitor onto the case with a hinge on the sides or on the back so I can flip the monitor down and up for nice easy on-the-go power, so I don't have to lug my 27" monitor around. Your guys' thoughts? Has this been done before to a decent extent? Just figured I'd ask all you fellas before I started getting into the dirty and realizing that it's harder than it looks. XD
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  1. You can do anything, it comes down to skills, time, tools, etc. Is a project like this a good starter one? Probably above an average modding project, but doable. Look at guys like Benhack, I bet his first mods looked like crap,but you learn as you go.

    The first time I ever tried something was to put a 3" LCD screen into the front of an original XBox. wasn't the best looking. Few other mods and when I did a 5.5" LCD on the front of my tower, it looked like it was built like that.

    Comes down to how creative you can be and how good you are with tools, and figuring out problems on the fly.
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