Cpu damaged ?


I just upgraded my motherboard from a Asus p8z77-m to Asus maximus v formula )

I installed all my previous components and did a new install of win 7 64

Problem begins................

Cpu light would come on very faintly on the Qcode so I new there was a issue to deal with and had to investigated.

I then had to strip down and further investigate to see if there was something I missed ie loose motherboard connectors or something else maybe not connected

everything checked ok

take Cpu out

Cpu has some discolouring on the back connectors (darker patches in odd places)

before I installed the Cpu into new motherboard the discolouring wasn't there !

Cpu socket has no bent pins BUT one single pin is shiny ?

I understand manufacturers void the warranty if the pin is bent BUT this is not bent

motherboard less then a month old

Cpu 5 months old

I will have to process RMA on the motherboard without a doubt but what is my position on the Cpu ?
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  1. Take the motherboard to a qualified technician for a diagnosis.
  2. Yup, first and last resort is to take it back to the shop and get it tested. Why would this single pin be very shiny from the rest ?

    I have done some searching regarding this and most people say its a burnt pin and has not made full contact with the cpu so it will arc.
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