GTX 760 EVGA Super Clocked 4 Monitors

I know the 760 has 4 ports to run 4 monitors, but would it be frowned upon to run that set up for say 6 hours straight. I just got this new set up to better help me with day trading. I will only be running browsers on 2 of them, excel on one and then the trading platform on the fourth.

The monitors are HP 2009m

My setup
Asus z28 Pro
16gb Corsair Ram
120mm fan, liquid cooled cpu with 2 other 120mm fans and a 240mm fan
1tb HD
128gb SSD
750 watt corsair PSU

Among smaller things, and my CPU temp gets no higher than 25c running three monitors while gaming.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Ok thank you! When I built my computer a month or so back EVGA hadnt came out with their 4gb version yet so I went with the 2gb instead of a cheaper brand 4gb version. I will getting a another 760 once I get some money saved up to run SLI so aslong is it will work for a few months thats all I need!

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