Wierd problem with Intel Motherboard!!!FRUSTRATED!!!

Yesterday I upgraded my system to a core i7 4770, Intel DH87RL MB, 16 GB Kingston HYPERX Blue 1600mhz RAM. Installed Windows 8 64Bit os.

Used my older Coolermaster Elite Cabinet with 650W SMPS. System booted fine and was working. The moment I plugged in my 2 external USB drives- A WD 3TB USB3.0 and a Seagate 1TB Freeagent USB 2.0 Drive, the troubles began.

When I start from a shutdown, the system was continuously restarting before the boot screen. We tried many things and isolated the problem to these drives. The drives are detected once the system is on and they work ok. But if I turn on the system with them plugged in the restarting occurs. I tried connecting other USB pen drives and here too theres no restarting but the boot takes place slower than without anything connected. The Intel motherboard splash screen staya on longer.

Just to make sure it wasnt the 2 external powered drives, I plugged in the same drives into another old machine with a P4 and an ASUS motherboard. It booted fine here with the drives plugged in.

The same problem was occuring with my previous system which had a Quad Q6600 and an Intel DG33FB motherboard. After the whole day experimenting I guess it isolates to the Motherboard. Isnt it abnormal that a system wont boot when the drives are plugged in. I even disabled booting to USB drives in the BIOS. I have tried everything. Googled everything. Is 650W inadequate for this system. I have an older XFX GeForce 9400GT card inside too. Even after removing it this problem persisted.

Anyone else experience this problem. Please help!!!


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