Which one his hd 7790 vs msi hd 7790 vs sapphire hd 7790?

i going to buy a new card.Which is better msi hd 7790 vs sapphire hd 7790 vs his hd 7790
my psu is coolermaster extreme II 525watt.Is these cards are compatible with this psu???

Thanks is advance..
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  1. bear in mind that the HD 7790 isn't part of the HD 7000 series.

    This basically means horrible driver support as of now: No new beta driver works good with this card, the newest driver is from 4-17-2013 while new beta drivers come out every 2-4 weeks.
    To put this into perspective: HD 7790 runs on driver vers. 12.1 while the newest beta driver is 13.8.

    I have a HD 7790 myself and have a problem with the driver vers. 12.1 (it corrupts my sound from my PCI soundcard) there is no solution for this problem for 2 months now.

    btw. I own a HiS HD 7790 and while they have good and dedicated support, they can't write a driver themselves.
    Apart from the driver-fiasco the HiS HD 7790 is a very, VERY silent card (fanwise) and does not make any tearing noise itself, nor does the fan has any kind of squealing noise. I have the scythe mine 2 CPU cooler nearly turned off and the card isn't audible in idle mode (its fan runs with 1130RPM at idle).
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