Sabertooth Z77 not using main HDD to boot

I have the Z77 and when i restart the computer or shut it down i have to manually select the HDD to boot , or else it just shows a white dash forever, is my MoBo bad? (its done it it since i bought it)
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  1. Have you gone to the boot menu and set your HD as the primary boot drive
  2. thats the problem that hard drive doesn't show up on the permanent boot options only when i manually do it , it shows up when i manually find it
  3. There should be another set of devices below that where yuu can move the drive up and then set the primary boot drive

  4. Only shows 1 which is the my secondary one

    I have to go here to find my main (OS) one
  5. Go to the advanced mode of the BIOS
  6. I did it doesnt show my main HDD

  7. My boot HDD is the WDC

    Does not show here
  8. Look in the Hard drive BBS options and set your drive to the top, then set it up top of the page as boot option 1
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