Kinect for Windows, Ubi Turns Any Surface into Touch Screen

Here's a way to play Angry Birds across the office floor.

Kinect for Windows, Ubi Turns Any Surface into Touch Screen : Read more
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  1. Can somebody turn air into a virtual touch, Stark style.
  2. Things like this are why I feel that people are missing the boat with the distaste for Kinect as a control scheme. The current gen Kinect is hobbled by two things - the first being that it is a relatively inaccurate device, and the second is that developers aren't going to support it because they only get partial penetration into the markets the device is on. The XBOX One may solve both, but we've yet to see how it sells (if it sells well then developers who work on it know that 100% of XB1 users have it) and we've yet to see how accurate it is.

    Things like turning your index finger into an accurate pointer controller, or turning any surface into the touch component of a touch screen, tapping your finger on your table twice for a double click or tracing your finger along that same surface to move the mouse pointer. If small versions of a Kinect like device could be put into tablets, the possibilities for control schemes incorporating the environment are huge.

    The Kinect - or devices like it - could be a big part of the future of how we interact with computers if it is supported. Part of why, even if I currently have no need for one, I don't mind they way they are doing the XB1, is that it will give developers a reason to start to look at Kinect like devices seriously. Add in solid PC support, and an OS like Windows 8 - or a future desktop Android - and you've got a lot of compelling reasons for developers to start to really milk the potential of Kinect type devices. Sony forced an unnecessary Blu Ray on us to spur its adoption and it worked, and I know 2/3 of this bloody forum *loves* Blu Ray... Are you all really so shortsighted that you're being fooled by MS pulling the same type of move this generation, but with Kinect being the forced component?
  3. Kinect is innovation. It's exciting to see what MS is doing with the XBOX One and the Kinect.

    There's no reason this same tech shouldn't be running on PCs of those who choose to run with it.
  4. This was already researched and implemented in NOKIA N8 when it was launched!!
    I don't know who is copying who.. but both the outputs are same and the difference is that nokia uses its camera to sense the motion and kinetic maybe uses some other sensor.
  5. btw forgot to add.. I don't even know whether they are individual reserach or copy.. please disregard the copying part in my previous comment.
  6. Have a look at it's been around for a while and is essentially the same solution, but only $60, supports 128 touch points, works with kinect and Primesense / Openni devices and supports over 200" displays.
    Also works on Windows 7 and Windows 8!
  7. This Kinect is definitely one the coolest technologies Microsoft has put out.
  8. This is great idea, but their customer support scheme is rubbish and will hurt their bottom line.
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