Need Help: radeon 7790 or 7850 or gtx 560 ti or gtx 650 ti

Hello All,

I am looking to upgrade most of my system. Either my power supply or motherboard is currently going bad. So I figuerd I would just replace them both, and while I am at it, I figured I'd basically replace my whole system. My budget is around $275.

I am planning on building a system that would be able to handle AVCHD editing through Sony Vegas 11 pro (I might upgrade to 12 if I need to to get better gpu compute performance)

Here is what I have already decided on.

CPU: AMD FX-4130
MOBO: GA-78LMT-USB3 Socket AM3+ mATX 760G
(microcenter currently has a $40 off mobo/cpu combo, and that mobo has a $10MIR)

I have to go with that Motherboard because it has 4 ram slots and an IDE port. As I have 2 large capacity IDE drives, I can't afford to drop them and get more SATA HDDs. And I've already got 2x2GB ram sticks, so I want to leave some room to upgarde those.

So, on to my dillema. I have chosen a lesser CPU (I was initially going to go with the 8 core fx-8320, then I dropped to the 6 core fx-6300) because the money I can save will get me a better GPU, which should more than make up for the difference with either the CUDA or OpenCL rendering capabilities.

I am looking at these 4 GPUs and trying to figure out which would serve my needs better. has them listed as

gtx 650 ti < radeon 7790 < gtx 560 ti < Radeon 7850

Right now, at my local microcenter, they have an open box refurb gtx 560 ti for $75ish. But I'd have to jump on that right away! If I am able to get that deal, than I can bump my CPU up to the fx-6300. I'm leaning more toward the nvidia because it seems like they have the best integration with GPU compute for video rendering, but I could be wrong.

So, can any of you help out? Which card should I get to get the most "bang for my buck" Should I go back and re-consider getting the fx-6300 and maybe drop my GPU down to the 7700 if i can't get the gtx-560. i'm so confused!!

Thanks a ton!

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  1. Bang for buck I'd get the 7850 hands down!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Considering I'm not really going to be doing any gaming on this, is the 7850 really the best option? Like I said before, I want this to be able to do avchd video editing/rendering. If I need to buy another program other than Vegas to get the best performance, I will.

    I guess another question revolves around the combo... fx-4130 + hd 7850 vs fx-6300 + gtx 560 ti or hd7700
  3. byogamingpc said:

    Thanks. One last question. Is there going to be a huge difference between the 1gb and 2gb cards for my particular use?

    I noticed this card on newegg

    Xfx core edition fix 7850

    It has a 12% off promo code, and I have a $15 off of $100 code as well. The card also has a $20MIR, which should bring the price down to about $105...if they will let me stack those codes.
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