Will this computer play most good games on very high graphics?

I am getting a new gaming computer, ideally for crysis 2, bf3 and 4, skyrim etc on very high graphics. How would these specs hold up?

Processor: amd fx 6300
Motherboard: asus m5a97
8gb ram
Amd radeon 7950 3gb hd etc
1tb hdd
Corsair 550w vs
Corsair h60 cooler
Will these specs play most games on high graphics/very high graphics?
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  1. It should play those games at high or max. Drop that cooler and get a Coolermaster hyper 212 EVO. It will perform better and be less noisy and cost half the price.
  2. +1^ on the cooler.

    That should do the job for you at 1080p.
  3. Ok thanks, i have dropped the cooler.
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