Two receivers one tv....looking for help!

Hi...a real newbie here....this may seem silly, but in my rec room, I want to be able to use two different cable receivers on the same tv because I have one receiver that has been "loaded up" with all the channels except hd channels, while box # 2 has hd channels (and not much else). I have tried to do this (feel I am very close) ....I cannot get audio on box # 2. I think if I had more than one set of ports on the back of the tv it would make it easier. What can I do to get audio on box # 2 ??
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  1. and....

    how are you connecting them?
    what ports do you have to connect with?

    sounds like you arent connecting an audio cable to the tv or its connected in the wrong spot. hard to tell without more info.
  2. Box # 1 .....connected with coaxial, RCA cables
    Box # 2..... Connected with component cables running into converter box to hdmi
    Back of tv has only one set of ports, and two hdmi ports
  3. try reversing your setup. does that reverse which boxes work and which do not?

    perhaps there is an issue with the converter box... or the cabling.

    converting to hdmi should work though... so just double check and see if they get reversed.

    technically you could connect both boxes up to one pair of rca ports if you used splitters. make sure you only had one on at a time though.
  4. It sound like your TV may have only 1 input for all the legacy (non-HMDI) connections. Your should connect box 2 (HD) with HDMI to get the HD channels in HD. Connect box one with the best combination of av that the box and TV can support. Component Video would be best if the box has that.
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