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Stuck on trying to think up a good Tutorial to write? Here are some of the most requested Tutorials on Tom's Hardware at current. This thread is updated periodically. As a reminder, tutorials can be created from the Tutorials category, or navigating to this link:

For Tutorial authors, every time a tutorial you write is used in a Best Answer (by anyone), you get credit towards a badge as though you yourself had given the Best Answer. For a quick refresher on how to write a great Tutorial and how the system works, check out the Tutorials Guide here. Don't forget to use bullet points, step-by-step instructions, and pictures go a long way.

Here's a list of some of the high demand questions users coming to Tom's Hardware are asking:

• How do I set up a charging profile?

• How do I fix the "bootmgr is missing" error?
• "Access Violation at Address" - where can I find a quick fix?
• Guide to Startup Repair
• How do I recover deleted files?
• How do I get rid of a malware infection on my PC?
• How do I set up Windows 7 to dual boot?
• How do I change the wallpaper in Windows 7 Starter Edition?
• Windows was unable to complete the format. How do I fix this?


• How do I fix a disk read error?
• How much Ram does my computer use
• How to Install Your First SSD
• How to run power supply cables in a neat and hidden manor
• Power Supply Primer.
• How do I fix data error cyclic redundancy check?

• Minecraft
• World of Warcraft
• The Sims
• Skyrim
• God of War
• Rome II: Total War
• What are some mouse tweaks to optimize response time?


• How do I use cloud storage and where are they?
• Customizing Google Chrome

• How do I set up my Linksys Router?
How do I set up a home network?
How do I set up a work network?
How do I restrict access to my Home network?
• How do I set up a wifi access point in my house?
• How do I connect to wifi?
• Local Area Connection Doesn't Have a Valid IP Configuration. How can I fix this?
• Fixing DNS Server Not Responding Issues


• How do I cut back on data plan usage?
• What do I do if windows does not detect any networking hardware?

Home theater
• How do I set up a Home Theater System?
How do I connect a Blue Ray Player to a Receiver?
How do I connect a Cable TV Box to a Home Theater System?
How do I connect Cable TV separately to a Home Theater System?
How do I connect a PC to a Home Theater setup?
How to connect a HTPC to a Home Theater setup?
How do I connect my Home theater System to the Internet?
How do I connect my computers for Streaming Video to my Home Theater?

Updated Requested Tutorials:
• Batman Arkham City Guide
• Beginner's Guide to Minecraft
• GTA 5 Guide for Beginners
• How can I tell how many watts my PSU is using?
• How do I access an external hard drive connected to a wireless router?
• How do I access the root directory using a Belkin router?
• How do I add a wired printer to a router?
• How do I bridge two wireless routers?
• How do I build a RAID 5 NAS?
• How do I burn an ISO to a USB stick?
• How do I clean my mechanical keyboard?
• How do I clean my registry?
• How do I clear my cache?
• How do I compress or convert an mkv file?
• How do I connect my laptop to an HDMI TV?
• How do I elevate permissions in Command Prompt?
• How do I enable and disable proxies using browser extensions?
• How do I fix "this device cannot start code 10" error?
• How do I fix my audio output device?
• How do I install Skyrim mods, and what are the best ones out there?
• How do I open or convert an epub file?
• How do I recover deleted pictures on Android?
• How do I remove a malfunctioning extension from Chrome?
• How do I remove write protection on a file?
• How do I reset my Acer laptop?
• How do I revert from Windows 8.1 to Windows 8?
• How do I set up an Xbox 360 controller on my PC?
• How do I set up my Straight Talk phone to use WiFi?
• How do I set up my WiDi?
• How do I set up power profiles for my wireless charger?
• How do I sync my Windows Phone with my Google Account?
• How do I totally erase data on a hard drive?
• How do I turn off thermal throttling?
• How do I unpack a rar file?
• How do I use my laptop webcam to take pics?
• How hot should my CPU be?
• What are some signs that my graphics card is going bad?
• What are some starter Arduino projects?
• What are some ways to lower my ping?
• What are some web browser safeguards I can implement?
• What can I do to optimize my Microsoft Surface?
• What options do I have with a router DMZ?
• What's the best way to physically clean my monitor?
• What's the best way to set up RAID5?
• Where do I find Advanced Boot Options in Windows 8?
• Where do I find my motherboard model and type?
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