My Internet download speed is so slow that I can't play youtube videos at 144p

Hi guys,
First, I’d like to say that I’m from Perú, so my internet connection may be slower than the average in other countries, mine is a 4 Mbps but I could still do a bunch of things without any problem; for instance, I would surf the net in 5 tabs, watch a 20 min video at 360p, download files in JDownloader; all at the same time. Now, the picture is different I can barely watch a 5 min video at 360p because it doesn’t load easily, even when it’s apparently running the definition drops down to 240p or even worst to 144p and with no any other activity running at the same time. What’s more, when I downloaded files on JDownloader just a few weeks ago I would see on the window a download rate of 450 or 500 KB/s, now I only get a 50 or 90 KB/s. In short, this situation is a pain in the ass because I can’t do anything to solve it yet. I’m using a MAC encryption on my router now, I tested my friends’ laptops with my network, but the problems remains the same under any different settings. Even when call to my provider, they say that fluctuation of the download speed is a normal issue. In fact, when I go to I can get 3.58 Mbps easily, obviously with different results like 0.24, 0.56, 0.78 Mbps, too. However, whatever the result of the test is my 5 min video can’t run smoothly as it used to, only at around midnight and after that I can sometimes get an optimal performance of my internet connection, so I started to wonder that there must be another cause for this annoying situation. Indeed, lately I’ve been trying to figure it out and I recalled that almost at the same time the problems began to arise some personnel of my provider were setting up new internet connections on my neighborhood and I ask me now if this has something to do with the inconveniences I’m experiencing. Please, if anyone knows what the cause of this problem is or ideally what I can do in order to enhance my internet connection I would appreciate it.
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  1. You need to access your Router and disable QoS (Quality of Service)
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