OCZ SSD Purchase Question - Is it worth it?

Basically, here's the deal. HP screwed up my order a bunch with my new laptop, and extremely long story short, my new laptop has a SATA hard drive, and an extra slot, so I have been looking for small SSD's, roughly 50gb or less, to put my OS on (Windows 8). The SSD that was SUPPOSED to come with my computer was only 24gb, so I'm guessing the boot system idea was what they were going after as well. Now here are my two questions...

1. Is it worth it to install a SSD on computer that is decently beefed up, will mainly be used for school and video games, and has Windows 8 on it anyways?

2. I found a guy who is selling a new, in package (of course, I would inspect it thoroughly before buying) OCZ Vertex 3 60gb hard drive on Craigslist for $30. He apparently has 3 of those and a 120 for sale as well. Is it worth it to pick this thing up if it looks to be in working order? I know there are a lot of SSD's out there in various sizes, but consider that I just bought the laptop and am also paying $1700 for tuition this month, so money is tighter than tight, and quite frankly, there isn't much I would put on the SSD anyways. It would have cost me $29 to get the 24gb from HP, and this is only a dollar more. Do you think it's worth it to pick up, or is this type of SSD just too inferior to other kinds?

Thanks in advance, and yes, I read some other threads about this SSD, but they were not quite in the same price situation as this one, saying as this is only 30 bucks, and is quite a bit cheaper than even the cheapest 32gb on newegg. Thanks.
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  1. I recommend getting the ssd from HP or a one with similar specifications as your money is tight and i recomend this because it will help to boot the operating system faster you should install the other files on your sata though
  2. Well, after looking at the specs again, as it turns out the mSSD that comes with the computer seems to be an acceleration cache that works with the Intel Smart stuff, so it would not be related to the boot system, but i would still like to do that. Also, the one from HP costs $29 to add it when you build the computer, but like I said, HP screwed up my order, didn't put it in, and i got rebated the money, and to order one from HP separately is much, much more expensive.
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