Samsung's 55-inch OLED Priced at €7999

Samsung's curved OLED TV is hitting Europe tomorrow.

Samsung's 55-inch OLED Priced at €7999 : Read more
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  1. iknowhowtofixit, Loads depends on the use.
  2. OLEDs are faster, lighter, and since they are their own source of light, they can be brighter and avoid color distortion due to viewing angle.

    While potentially cheaper to produce, current lack of large scale mass production means high costs. Also, it remains to be seen whether or not issues with fast material degradation and color distortion (caused by uneven deterioration of the material) were overcome.
  3. OLEDs, for the 8K Euro price tag, they can: write your homework for you, go to exams in your place, hold you and pat you on the back till you burp, have you graduate Hogwarts, tie your shoelaces for you, they basically can breath, drink, eat, sleep, talk, think and exist for you at that price!
    So.. Yeah!.. OLEDs are awesome!
  4. This is a pointless product, and Samsung will probably release a 4k version next year, if not earlier.
    If it was 8k resolution for 8k €, now that would be special :-)
  5. Curved at 55"?? I dont see the benefit of a curved design for anything smaller than 70"
  6. within 6 months this thing will only cost about half... pass
  7. Curved is incredibly stupid for a TV because everything is filmed with a flat projection. Only Oculus Rift needs curved screens since the images for that are generated with curved projection.
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