Asus maximus iv gene z not seeing video card in second slot (sli)

Hi guys, trying to set up sli with 2 Evga gtx 660 sc's on maximus iv gene z(not gen3)

My problem is the second pcie slot won't recognize either card in the bios or windows 7 64. Have done all the common fixes to no avail, removing drivers reinstall clean, switching cards etc. What I can't understand is when I have a pciex1 card in the second slot it sees it and works fine but when I try putting either video card in the second slot the pc turns on runs and enters windows with no video. The first x16 slot works fine w/ both cards.

i5 2500K

Thanks in advance
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  1. PLease list all specs.
    Also, doesn't the maxiimus gene have a switch to turn off pcie slots?
  2. Sorry, 850watt thermaltake PSU, 16gb G skill ram,Corsair h60. I dont see anything in the bios or on the board to turn on or off 2nd pcie slot. I did set up bios to use pcie as main video and disabled multiple monitor for igpu (says to enable for Virtu). All of this hardware has been running together for 2 years with no problems accept the addition of the second video card.
  3. HAve you contacted asus customer support? They are probably quite knowledgable about this type of thing...
  4. No, the board is older don't think they will help. From my experience they tend to blame everything on other hardware.
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