Looking to upgrade my old desktop: Budget <$100

So I'll be using this PC to play games like CS:GO, DotA2 casually PC specs are -

E2160 @ 1.8 ghz OC'd to 2.4ghz processor
2gb ddr3 @ 1333 mhz
Gigabyte G41-m combo motherboard
Palit geforce 8400 gs 512mb gpu , stock 567 mhz oc'd to 720 mhz
400w stock psu

Currently I'm barely managing 30 fps in DotA2 and 45-50 fps in some CS:GO maps, inferno nuke etc are basically unplayable.

My question is which upgrade would directly increase a huge amount of fps in those games, I can afford either a CPU & mobo OR just a gpu, since the cpu is LGA775 i'm worried that a new gpu would get bottlenecked because of my cpu.

I also don't have any cpu/mobo or gpu shortlisted to go with that setup so any suggestions regarding that would be great too.

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