Urgent need of Your Help to suggest me For buying a new Laptop.. plz!!!

Hey man i just joined tomsharedware...
just needed your help for buying a laptop within 300$~400$(Max440$) can you please suggest me... m badly confused... i needed laptop with these specs...(Most of It)
and i prefer Lenovo The most...

Intel i5 , i7 both in Haswell or ivy bridge

AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 series , AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 series...(or any HD Series)

NVIDIA You guys prefer... :)



500GB Preferred, 1TB max...

i found out some of these...
but m damn confused and like not yet satisfied with search which would be the Best...

Lenovo IdeaPad Y410p

HP Pavilion G6-2301ax

HP Pavilion G6-2312ax


Lenovo G505s

Lenovo IdeaPad Z580

Lenovo Essential G580 (59-356384)

Dell Inspiron 15(i15RV-10000BLK)

i needed it for Gaming+best battery

oh yeah forgot OS

Win7 Professional or Ultimate SP1
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  1. Nothing in your price range, unless you are OK with something used, will be good for gaming. Did you check the prices on the models you selected? The Z580 USED is selling for more than your budget.

    For a gaming system you need at least $500 for a low end one to play games on low settings. For anything decent, $700+ with higher end graphics. This has a pretty good overall comparison of some lower end laptops you can use for gaming http://bestlaptopforgaming.org/laptop/bang-for-the-buck-gaming-laptops-under-500-reviews-2013/
  2. ok... then which one would you prefer apart from the sprcs???? the models i mentioned above???
  3. Of those, the HP Pavilion G6-2312ax looks to be the fastests in games, although it will still be a bit slow in many newer games.
  4. None of those would be as fast in games as the HP.

    All you need to do is compare the graphics card in the laptops here http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu_list.php
  5. ok How about i change my need from Games to college work+entertainment excluding all of my Games stufff :D
  6. For no games, the Lenovo is probably the best bargain for quality of build vs cost, the MAC is built well and would have a good resale value, but if you are used to Windows and care about cost that won't be a good pick.
  7. Im planning to get a Lenovo G580... better durability and good Battery backup... :) thanx for helping....
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