HDD in RAID 0 moving them to another computer

Tomorrow I am refitting my computer, pretty much everything except PSU and blu ray (all started when I bought one thing and just said yeah that could do with replacing too).

Anyways...this computer I am on at the moment, I have two 1TB HDD in RAID 0. I am buying a new SSD so I was wondering if I could just disconnect the HDD and then reconnect them after I have set up the computer then reformat them, or is it best to do that before I connect them to the newish computer? If so I'll just break the RAID and boot and nuke me. I don't care about anything that is on them any more all I care about is backed up on an external

Plus does anyone know any good guides to building computers? This one was built by a friend, I just watched and handed him beers. I am confident I can do it, but it's always best to have something to fall back on.

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  1. if your wanting to keep anything from the raided drives then back it up before removing them or you will loose it as the raid array will break.

    what i would do is set the sata controller to raid and then install windows onto your ssd, put the 2 HDD's in the new machine then build a new raid array on them.
  2. Will that work? I am getting a new motherboard.
  3. yeah, just backup what you want to keep on the raided drives, put the ssd in the new pc and install windows onto it, then put in the 2 HDD's and setup the raid on them, should be an option after the bios screen saying press a function key to access the hardware raid menu, then you select the 2 HDD's and setup the raid you want to use on them.
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