what bios update do i need for maximus iv extreme p67 + intel i5 2500k

Hi everyone, hope you can help me with the problem i've been having with bios.The reason being i am missing the cpu ratio option which in turn doesn't seem to allow me to overclock my cpu. The cpu is running at 3.4ghz - 3.5ghz on prime95. The bios i'm on is 3604 and i want to role back. What bios do you think i should run? I've read a few forums about using the rog flashback but some people have said you cant role back from 3xxx to 2xxx. Is this true?
Please ask any questions and thanks for any advise and help in advance.
i5 2500k BX80623I52500K
maximus iv extreme b3 revision
CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO
g-skill 8 gb XL ripjaw X DDR3 PC12800 1600MHz ram (2 x 4GB)
XFX Core Edition P1-750S-NLB9 750W
MSI GeForce GTX 760 Twin Frozr IV OC GAMING 2GB GDDR5
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  1. Tradesman1 said:

    Hi, I already have this version and it's not working fully.
  2. Think there's an option above the actual ratio that you can set to manual, which will then let you adjust the multiplier
  3. problem solved for me. swapped to bios chip 2 which had bios ver. 1101. something like that but works perfectly although now i have the problem of my cpu voltage running high all the time. manual seems to be locked in.
  4. Could try resetting the CMOS
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