the wireless part of my network adapter is having a problem, i don t know if the problem is at the level of the network card i

I have a problem with my wireless network adapter. It can no longer detect wireless networks. I don t know if the problem is at the level of the network card itself or a driver problem. I have tried updating the driver but to no avail. Please, i really need help to find out what the problem is or better still a solution to it.
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  1. Desktop or Laptop? Is the device showing as installed with no issues in Device Manager? Did you check the BIOS or the software to make sure the card is not disabled?
  2. Strangely I also have this problem right now. After I downloaded Metro LL last night, i slept my PC, and in the morning, no wifi. I did the Hkey local machine fix, also the IPv4 fix, and really everything. Also I tried the ip release/refresh from cmd, the problem was when I tried to release, I recieved the no operation can be peformed on "Wireless Network 3" , "2" and the "local area connection" while it has its media disconnected. I have a hunch that it was because I configured some utorrent settings and maybe that interfered with my connection. I am on my laptop, my problem is on my desktop.

    EDiIT: Well Im not sure if fully turning off my desktop worked, or turning off the surge protector for the router for about 30 seconds worked. But I got everything back to normal..Try that?
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