Intel Core i7 2600K overheating

i need a bit of help cause my cpu is always overheating. its average cpu temp is 75-80.

its kinda ridiculous because everytime i turn it on, im being halted by the f1 button. so i go to the bios and see that my cpu temp is above 75 temp, first time boot. Any ideas on how to cool this thing off.
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  1. What kind of cpu cooler and case cooling do you have?
  2. Reseat heat sink - Clean off old and apply fresh thermal compound, you should be okay then
  3. If your motherboard is immediately reporting such temperatures, you can bet the problem has to do with the CPU as you are reporting. In particular, it has to do with the CPU being unable to release it's heat efficiently. As others have stated, you may want to remove the heatsink, remove the old thermal paste and apply some new paste before reseating the heatsink.

    Be sure to follow Intel's guidelines here.

    If the problem persists, try using a different heatsink (though I doubt the one you have is the problem). If the different heatsink still doesn't work, you can be sure your CPU is on the fritz.
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