Windows 7 Huge Errors- NEED HELP DESPERATELY

EDIT: New problem arose, see my reply below. Windows got wiped, so most of this is irrelevant. :P

Ok, so I built a new gaming PC about three weeks ago with Windows 7 Home Premium. Everything has been perfect until yesterday, when I downloaded OpenOffice FROM THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE, YES. I don't know if it was something with my bios or what, but It made my computer go wack. My bios is Click Bios v10.2, so very up-to-date. I managed to uninstall OpenOffice, but the problem persists SOMETIMES. (I'll describe the errors below.) As in, I'm typing this on said computer right now. I have tried System Restore and Chkdsk (which found and fixed a couple hundred errors the first time and a dozen or so the second), and both have temporarily helped stabilize it, but after 1-2 hours it started getting more errors.

Ok, so for the errors. Number one, this is very uncommon, happened twice, I couldn't even get into Windows before it froze. Had to reset. This has not happened since System Restore. Number two: this is what usually happens, I start the computer, avast and Steam run normally, everything is fine, but between 30 seconds and an hour later the system will freeze, and I have to force shut down. This is the error that has persisted after System Restore and Chkdsk. And third, uncommonly, and before System Restore, it would attempt to run a Chkdsk, without any way to cancel, as in my keyboard would not respond. This Chkdsk instantly froze when it started, and I'd have to reset. One time, to my surprise, it worked, and this problem has not arisen since, and I did another one successfully.

I am almost positive this is not a virus, as Safe Mode does not change anything. I do not have a CD or HDD available for backup, so don't ask about that. I have not run a MemCheck, but my memory seems to be doing fine when the system loads correctly, like now. I was even able to run Planetside 2 without trouble. Windows and all drivers are up-to-date. My computer is a monster, so it's not hardware limitations. I have run virus tests, as well, and nothing was found. My HDD is a 7200 RPM Seagate Barracuda that I got new off of eBay. Nothing is overheating, I have 5 fans set up, 4 of which are directly over the processor and RAM. The other is right in front of my hard drive. DESPERATELY NEED HELP!
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  1. I'd get a new hard drive from somewhere reputable, if you value your data, you'd do worse than investing in a WD Black.
  2. I ended up wiping the disk and going into reinstall from my Windows disc, but now it won't install Windows. I'm getting some error about my memory interfering when the files are 3% expanded. Running a memcheck on both sticks of RAM, one at a time. I am NOT buying a new hard drive. I simply do not have the cash. Also, sometimes the installation doesn't detect my hard drive, but bios does?
  3. Everything still points to a faulty drive, running SeaTools from a bootable USB might convince you?
  4. I'm thinking you're right. Memcheck turned up fine. I don't know what happened. Maybe I was that unlucky guy whose drive fails after a month. Do you think another eBay hard drive is out of the question? Does it matter if I get it from a third party?
  5. A tiny % of any electronic kit is DOA, a larger % will die within ~ the first week or three of uptime. After that the chances are high that the item will reach it's expected lifespan, around that point, failures increase rapidly. Think bathtub cross-section.

    Get a refund or replacement drive from your Ebay supplier first, it should cost you no more than a few euro/dollars/pounds to return. You might be luckier this time around, if not, you know where not to go for your new drive, right?
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