Asus M3A78-CM... amd Phenom 9600 Quad 4 gig ddr2 800

I can't for the life of me install win 7 64 bit on the system.. It works fine with my old xp64.. when I upgraded to w7 the cpu's go nuts very unstable.. I made a video to show what happens...

please I need some help..
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  1. I removed all the cards, video, audio, etc. tried different memory, tried a clean install, tried upgrade xp64 still same results.. I look around in the bios but didn't see anything like enable 64 bit or anything like that... everything is set to stock, no overclock of any type...

    funny thing I noticed is that while booting to the dvd the windows logo that should spin into the main logo doesn't.. It hangs of a few seconds and then appears and has a constant flicker to it.. not what I'm use to seeing.. then when it's loading windows file it jumps right to expanding files and it takes forever... something is wrong here I should be able to load it like I do all the time..
  2. Mother board is junk.. thanks for all the help...
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