Choosing between LGA1155 and LGA1150

Hi I'm building a pc my second one. My question is if you were building a good gaming PC right now which type of motherboard would you go with. Looking at half-dozen CPUs I noticed some of them take one type socket and take the other socket. I read somewhere that LGA1155 is finished, where LGA1150 is just getting started. What is your opinion.

The two frontrunners so far are intel core i5 i5-2500K and Intel Core i7-3770K. So the sockets are not in question at least with these two. Which is the better processor for the money I can get the 3770 about 30 bucks more is it worth it. Which one is better for a gaming PC CPU.

I probably will not be overclocking since I have never done that before in any of my other computers. I'm little leery about doing the first time without really knowing what I'm doing. So I won't overclock until the computers is about at the in of it's life and just can't stand how slow it is.

Any suggestions for motherboard or a better CPU for the mid-$200 range best bang for the buck for gaming PC will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Well, Your right the 1155 socket is now considered "Dead" and there will be no more. However before you build your rig i would suggest you wait till the "Haswell Refresh" sometime in early to mid September. I would definitely go with Haswell due to the better single core performance, which of course could be good for gaming. As for mid-200 CPU's The next build I'm Going to do will be under 1500 dollars and will be running the i5-4670K which i have heard that it is one of the best gaming CPU's around for the price. However it is not hyper-threaded, but most games are not going to use more than 2 cores. That's my 2 cents... Good Luck!
  2. The gaming difference between the two shouldn't be noticeable. However, the intel i5-3570k is the number one recommended CPU for your use in the said price range. The i7 option, though in theoretical better performance, will not give you results that you can see. However, if you overclock, again, I'd recommend the i5-3570k as spending more money will give you diminishing results. Between the i5-3570k and the i7-3770k, the difference in gaming would be seen in GPU, not CPU. However, if you were to do CAD work, or heavy photoshop work, that is more where the CPU would kick in, and the difference would be better seen.

    In terms of Haswell, yes it isn't fully developed, however, it is newer and more easier to upgrade in the future. HOWEVER, Haswell might not be following the "Tick Tock" structure that is typical of intel. In otherwords, it may NOT be supported (socket wise) by future processors. In otherwords, Haswell is currently a huge pile of "I have no idea" at the moment.

    i5-3570K would be most appropriate for gaming
    i7-3770K would be most approptiate for CAD work and CPU intensive tasks.
    Haswell may not be future upgradible therefore it may not be a good idea for the extra cost.
  3. Thank you for your great advice
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