Hd 7750 on iball psu?

I wanna upgrade my graphic card to Sapphire amd/ati Radeon HD 7750 1gb ddr5 but I am on a budget and don't want to upgrade my psu which is *iball lpe 223-400*. I don't know the specs but I assume it is 250-300w. Will it be able to handle it?
Pc specs are: intel corei3@3.2ghz
160Gb hdd
And that sucky iball psu.
Also, currently im having nvidia 7100gs which is 6years old(sigh).
Please help me out :(
And if I need to change the psu please suggest a good one which is not costly.
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  1. Ya it can handle hd 7750 but it would be good if the psu would be of 450 w to 500 w. Because it is a local brand psu.
  2. Oh okay.. and do you think it will damage my gfx or mobo if incase it cant handle it? If there is just a system crash or shutdown then its worth risking as I can upgrade psu later but if it explodes or something it would be a huge risk :|
    Any more suggestions?
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