Is This Build good for Editing/Gaming? Need Expert Help.

Hi.My Name is Kareem. This is my First custom build, my first good build actually custom or not, and i want to check if it's good, like high-end good, the kind that can run bf4 on maybe 50fps on ultra 1080p, that runs bf3 on 60fps maxed out.also something that can run after effects or unity with no problems whatsoever, and can run pretty cool because i will be overclocking heavily specially the pc since the graphic cards are already good. now the budget for it is at completely max with no extra pushing at all 1600$, since i've already pushed it COMPLETELY out from 1200$.
I need your opinion because mostly i'm wrong at my pickings, so i want to know if it's good, what's missing, what's needed, what should be replaced, what should be NEVER replaced, all that abseloutely matters for me so please respond and reply to this topic as much as you can, that's kind of the point :D
PS: i had crossfire because the processor is overclockable and i brought water cooling for it, many people would say get a 7950 but i am actually dead on getting crossfire XD.also for the dual screens i am planning on recording and testing the games or th videos i will edit on 1080p and wil need that second screen, even for stuff like the minimap for battlefield 4 or stuff like dual screen actions for games.that's it and thank you. :)
here's the list:

Processor: Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz Quad-Core
Cooler: Antec Kuhler H2O 620 Liquid
MotherBoard: ASRock Z87 Extreme3 ATX LGA1150
Memory : A-Data XPG 12GB DDR3 1600
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM
Graphics Card: MSI Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB Crossfire
Case: Raidmax ATX-605BT ATX Full Tower
Power Suply: Antec 750W ATX12V 80+ Bronze( or platinum can't remember)
Optical Drive: Asus BC-12B1ST/BLK/B/AS Blu-Ray Reader, DVD/CD Writer
Monitor( Dual Screen): Samsung S23A700D 23.0" , Acer G196HQLb 18.5"
KeyBoard: Logitech K400 w/Touchpad
Mouse: Cyborg R.A.T 3
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  1. ok
  2. thanks for the extensive answer marco XD seriously does that mean it is good and doesn't need changes or it means it sucks and just OK? can you PLEASE be more specific?
  3. well, if you say you are overclocking heavily i might recommend ivy bridge as it doesnt heat up as much as haswell. And for editing i might recommend an i7 (so the 3770k). Go for the caviar black; it's about $30 more expensive but it's supposed to be the the one they advertise for performance, and it has a better warranty. if you go ivy bridge be sure to get an lga 1155 board. Unless you actually need it for something i wouldnt recommend spending on the blu ray player. i'd look into the corsair series for psu, hx model is one that gets recommended a lot. Look into fractal design, it's a bit more expensive for the full tower version and is less flashy, but still good. Maybe try to get that ram up to 16 gb (so 2x8gb sticks). And finally, take a look at asus' offerings for boards, a lot like their boards, and they have some fun features
  4. alot to take in XD. ok so as a first all what you have said is brilliant, but again many contradict with my budget limits. as i believe ivy bridge is more expensive than haswell, that's why the water cooler was brought here. i wouldn't though try to get past the 75 degrees when it comes to heating up so maybe 4ghz will do. for the i7 as well yeah it's mostly the price problem, the mobile i5 3230m is doing fine on most of the editing i actually do with a little stuttering and problems due to the 4gb ram only, and since i've read the requirements the 12gb would do fine since all of the programs i use for editing so far require 8gb only.i picked as well this psu because it's the cheapest and it is 80+ bronze or platinum can't remember so it's pretty good as well. for the asus if you mean motherboards i might take a look since motherboards don't really matter for the fps a really almost negligible difference, i picked mine because it's cheaper and support the i5 socket and 2-way crossfire which beats the 7970 in almost every EVERY game on any resolution, even eyefinity.the HDD which i forgot to talk about is also a price problem, since this is 1tb and 7200rpm so it would do fine when it comes to recording on 1080p when i probably use fraps or dxtory,and yeah probably that's it. as you see it's almost all price problems. i've took in a good consideration of the requirements and the benchmarks of what i'm buying, and it turned out pretty well. i was just checking if i've missed anything that would really differ in performance, also i had another question,MSI or XFX? i mean i might even in the future boost in a really light clock like an extra 100mhz or something later on and 10 degrees won't matter for the heat? i've heard that MSI is doing a pretty good job at heat but XFX the black edition is extremely cool looking and is really preferrable for me, what should i do? thanks for the help dude i really appreciate it :D
  5. you can achieve bf4 max. settings ~50-60+ fps with a single gtx 760/hd 7970
  6. okay and since 7870 crossfire results are better with about 20 fps in bf3, so say 60-70fps on bf4? YES! so it's a good build :D thanks dude really you have been a massive amount of help for me :D
  7. hd 7950 cost only 180 $
  8. true but two 7870 kick 7970's but, so how about 7950? the 7950 is really good but on future games will actually barely hit the 60fps on ultra, while since the 7870 ghz edition crossfire reach a beastial 120fps on 1080p will abseloutely migh even reach at some points to 80fps on 1080p for battlefield 4 :D
  9. true but two 7870 kick 7970's but, so how about 7950? the 7950 is really good but on future games will actually barely hit the 60fps on ultra, while since the 7870 ghz edition crossfire reach a beastial 120fps on 1080p will abseloutely migh even reach at some points to 80fps on 1080p for battlefield 4 :D
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