Need help finding best cpu and mobo combo for about $300

Currently I have a pre-built machine I transferred to a new case and upgraded the psu to a cx 750m and the gpu to a radeon hd 7870 core ed. So far it has exceeded my expectations by maxing out crysis 3 (barely, with no OC) and bioshock infinite.

Somewhere along the line I want to upgrade the mobo and cpu to something better than a measly fx-6120. I came up with an AMD combination, for a total of $278

Main Question: What I need your help with is finding an Intel cpu and mobo combination for around $300 (willing to go a little over) and better than the AMD combination I mentioned above. I do not want an i3 cpu, I feel it will not be sufficient for my needs

Additional notes:
Crossfire is in the future, only if AMD improves their drivers (with 7870 core ed)
I will utilize my current case (CM Storm scout 2 advanced) and current psu (cx 750m) and other peripherals I have.
This is more or less a budget oriented build.
Overclocking of cpu might occur, but not likely because I want to maximize my components life.

Main uses: Gaming and some Photoshop

If I did not include some vital details, please let me know and I will submit them asap.
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