first time building a custom pc


I am going to build my own custom PC and i wanted to ask if these parts are compatible and what you guys think of them?

Corsair 650d
Asus sabertooth z87
Intel 4670k
Corsair h100i
Evga 770 superclocked acx
Corsair ax760
Kingston hyperx 3k 120gb sad
WD caviar black
Windows 7
Kingston beast memory 1600mhz 8gb

And if you guys think this is a gaming PC or a light work station too?

One more question, before I build my PC in the case I want to check if all parts are working in case I get a defect. So do you guys think it's OK for me to run it outside the case without a CPU fan or heatsink for about 30 seconds.
Thanks in advance!! :)
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  1. Many people breadboard computers b4 assembling them . Personally I think its a waste of time . There is very little extra work involved in screwing a mb in to a case .

    Use windows 8 . It has a better license , a number of improvements , and you can make it look and feel like 7 in just a couple of minutes with a free program called Classic Shell .
    Make sure you get 64 bit
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