Which Web Browser is Best?

Look at speed, ease of use and aesthetics.

My speed tests using BT Infinity




Couldn't test IE as I use a Mac.

Firefox and Chrome seem the fastest, which would add up being as Chrome is super-duper-lightweight and Firefox has won the Web Browser Grand Prix many times.

Though the site seems to only grade Firefox an A, this may be because of traffic at the time.

Meh, let's see what you think.
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  1. Between your fastest and slowest, I see a 2% difference. Easily due to specific traffic at that moment, rather than a particular browser.
  2. Network benchmarks aren't an indicator of browser performance. They are an indicator of network performance. I think yours passes too.
  3. You guys probably need this as well:
    I open a same web page, then five web browser's occupation are as following:
    Internet Explore: 179088 K
    opera: 158632 K
    Safari: 165932 K
    firefox: 136700 K
    chrome: 272276 K
  4. OP, you left out Opera! Not that it gets my vote but still!

    Chrome is my winner:

    Ease of Use: Chrome
    Speed: Chrome
    Aesthetics: Toss Up

    That's my experience anyway. Second place would go to Opera, I particularly like the way it handle's pop-ups (the intentional ones, not the annoying ones you block). Chrome and IE pop-up new Windows but Opera will often open them in a new tab, which is preferable for me.
  5. I prefer firefox. You may also want to try this speed test site as it uses HTML5 instead of java.
  6. I like Chrome because it seems faster to me and I like the fonts better than IE. I use to use Firefox but it had higher cpu usage with flash compared to other browsers. IE 11 isn't too bad, I just don't like the blurry fonts it uses. Opera is ok but I found many sites that wouldn't work correctly with it. I never tried Safari.
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