Why does my CD Burner not recognize I have a disc inserted?

Every time I try to burn a movie on Verbatim DVD-RW disks and I get a message saying to insert a blank DVD or I also have the problem where it starts to burn and then says it cannot format this type of Disk. Any ideas
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  1. Have you tried a DVD+R or -R disc instead of the -RW? Have you tried a brand other than Verbatim (I've had problems with Verbatim discs in the past). Some burners are very picky about the media they will burn to. I've encountered the same problem and resolved it by using another brand of disc.
  2. If none of kenrivers suggestions work, it may just be the burner is dying and needs replaced. I recently had a lite-on dvd/cd burner that would read all cd's & dvd's just fine, but it wouldn't recognize a blank disk thus was unable to burn them. I picked up a new burner for $17 and now I'm working fine again.
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