Corsair C9 | G.SKILL or Kingmax 8GB 1333 for Dell Vostro 3500 upgrade

Hi all,
I have plan to upgrade my Dell Vostrol 3500 (with Core i5 M560 @2.67Ghz) to 16GB of RAM and then upgrade to Windows 8.
These is some option for me:

I'm a Front-End developer, sometime I have design jobs. It complicated for me to choose the best option, I'm not a hardware expert. I'd like to have stable system with high capacity of RAM.

Could you please help me to choose the right one?
Thank in advance
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  1. Here is a good kit that should work in your system.

    The computer manufacturer does not officially support 8GB modules, but the chipset does, so hopefully the system BIOS can handle it.

    Thank you
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