Best single for 3 1080p monitors

No more than £600. I don't particularly want to sli or crossfire because im watercooling but if it is still no more than £600 and is better than a single card then I will. Thanks
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  1. As you can see here

    A single GPU(GTX 780) would be able to play most games on Medium bar games such as Metro/Hitman/Far Cry/Crysis. A stronger and more trouble some duel 7970 is the 7990, this would allow you to get a better FPS in games compared to the GTX780 but arise the problems of microstuttering, AMD have released a new driver but according to TOMSHARDWARE,3583.html gameplay still feels the same.

    So the best single would be a GTX780 and OC it to the max potential.
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