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Hello about a week ago I cascaded my Asus RT-N66U with my old belkin pre-n router. Had an electrician come run a cat6 cable through the attic over then over a small area of the roof going down into the same area where the directv cable went. I do notice a very consistent connection but I notice my speed is usually roughly around 30-40 mbps on speedtest while downstairs is a consistent 58mbps. Does distance have anything to do with it? It is roughly 100 feet or so
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  1. Highly unlikely but you will need to test with only wired connections. There is no way to guarantee that the wireless does or does not have interference from minute to minute.

    You also want to avoid testing to a speedtest site since even those vary too much. Get a old linemode tool called IPERF and test machine to machine inside your house. You can then control each of the variables like wireless or wired and which routers etc.

    You of course want to be running the second router as a AP but even with double nat it would only add a couple ms at the most
  2. Sorry I meant to add wired. Yes I am doing only wired. Those numbers are from my actual bandwidth while plugged in through ethernet testing my internet speed. I have both as a router connected lan to lan and I have no nat or upnp issues. The ping downstairs is 10 while upstairs usually 12-14
  3. Anyone...?
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