Zero MB hard drive? How do I get my files back?

Why does my hard drive says 0MB and only 1/3 partisan shown with no file format indicated?

It started with an error on my windows xp saying it needs a .dll file and froze sometimes, when I rolled back to a few days for system restore it did not help. When I went to safe mode it did not freeze despite I tried some things stated online which didn't work.
I tried to do a system fix with windows xp cd and it did not give me an option and i escaped it. I put it as a secondary and it detected the HD but only shows drive D with 0MB out of drive C and E and it does not have any file type and only asks to be formatted in the hard drive manager.

What happen and how do I get everything back which I need?
A 500gb sata Western digital.
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  1. Your drive has an internal fault, possibly a bad firmware module.
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