Chromebook or Tablet w/ Keyboard?

Preface: Wasn't sure where to place this thread.

So I need something lighter than my heavy 15.6" Gateway laptop to lug around campus and was looking at Chromebooks, then I thought about maybe getting a tablet and a Bluetooth or otherwise keyboard. I would probably spend $250 either way (the Samsung Chromebook or a Nexus 7 + <$50 keyboard). I hate the Drive app on my phone but am not sure if it's any different on the tablet. I also hate the 1366x768 resolution that is now standard for laptops...

What are some personal pros and cons you can think of? What tablet+keyboard would you recommend (keeping the price at about $250)? Thanks for any and all feed back!
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  1. Had came to ask the same, only in my case will be running Chr Ubuntu over the chrome OS. Does anyone know if nexus integrated keyboard and mouse use to full desktop pc levels, or is it the Play Station browser experience where tab jumps to unnatural objects and you need to mouse click all fields before typing?
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