Can this 5 year old computer handle win7

It's been 5 years since I made my current computer and I've been trying to replace it for about a year since it's feeling a little outdated. I was planning on handing down this computer to maybe my mother in law or maybe my mother but I feel like updating it before handing it down. Over the years I had to replace a few parts but it's still working good.

Question 1 - Do you guys think it could handle and worth putting another 4gb ddr2 ram and installing Windows 7 ultimate?

Current Computer
Windows XP 32bit service pack 3
Case: Thermaltake Armor Full Tower modded to have 7 120mm case fans (2x front, 2 bottom, 1 top, 2 rear)
Processor: Intel Quad Core Q9550
Motherboard: Gigabyte LGA 775 P45 replaced a broke evga 780i
RAM: Corsair xms2 4gb ddr2 800
Graphics Card: EVGA 9800 GTX+ replaced evga 8800 gt
Hard Drive: Primary Drive - Western Digital 640gb blue
Hard Drive: Secondary Drive - Western Digital 1tb black
Power Supply: Thermaltake Toughpower 850w replaced a broke ABS 800w
Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper 212+ with 2 120mm fans replacement to zalman 110mm
DVD Burner: LG blu-ray driver
Fan Controller: Zalman MFCI

I already picked out some of the parts for my new build but the one thing that's stopping me right now is picking out a good case. Some people are telling me getting another full tower will be a waste and I should get a mid tower. The new Computer is going to be used for gaming, movies, music and lots of files. I want good cooling while having space for at least 4 hard drives (1 ssd for primary, 3 mechanical hard drives for storage)

Cases I have in mind
Case: Cooler Master CM Storm Trooper
Case: Cooler Master CM Storm Scout 2
Case: Corsair Graphite 600T

Question 2 - What case should I get, does anyone have a good suggestion?
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  1. That computer can definitely handle Windows 7. Its still a pretty formidable gaming computer by today's standards. Will run Windows 7 great.

    I have computers that run Windows 7 with a single core.
  2. That system is not bad at all really, you could easily stick windows 7 64bit with no issues, does your mother in law really need a system more powerful then that?
  3. It certainly can, the Q9550 is actually one of the last NICE chips before the 1155 socket change, I know people that still use that particular CPU today (and even game with it). You could always add 2 or 4 more GB of ram but DDR2 aren't exactly cheap, I just bought a 2GB stick of DDR2 667 (wanted 800) for $40 for an AM2 system I pulled out recently since the old one was faulty.

    I recently upgraded my mother's PC, which was a single core running Windows 8, it ran... well more like walked.
  4. Thanks for the response guys, I'll go ahead and install Window 7 on it this week. What I wanted was to prolong the life span of the computer for maybe a few years so my mother in law wouldn't have to worry. Plus it's going to be a family computer so don't know what the kids might do with it.
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