Corsair Announces Three Lines of USB 3.0 Flash Drives

Corsair's newest flash drives are already on the market.

Corsair Announces Three Lines of USB 3.0 Flash Drives : Read more
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  1. While I generally like Corsair products I wouldn't buy a flash drive from them again. I used to have a voyager which lasted less than a month. After getting it replaced by Corsair the replacement also died in a month.
  2. and how fast will the minis be? this in 32, or 64gb would be quite nice, but only if the transfer rates are ok.
  3. they look damn good
  4. Agree with NightLight, those look awesome. Hopefully they will be reliable.
  5. Corsair USB3.0, good speed, poor reliability. My current "go to" drive has been replaced twice in the last year. Make sure to save that packaging!
  6. I really like the look of these drives compared to their previous rubberized enclosures.
  7. I have the voyager slider 16 gig had it for about 6 months.still working guess I am lucky.
  8. From experience, I purchased and still own 64GB Patriot with the exact same design as the first above images. While the drive has never failed and continues to work the design is fatally flawed. The top opening that allows for a lanyard is thin and will break no longer allowing for it to be tethered. The second flaw is the cap, it pops off but has no retainer and you will eventually lose it. The third and final flaw is the circuit board is slotted into a plastic housing that slots to the metal body. That comes apart and eventually one day when you go to pull your thumbdrive out of the USB plug the only thing to come out is the aluminum body, leaving the circuit board and USB still plugged into the port. All these things I have had to fix with electrical tape, super glue and a chain drilled through part of the device not holding the circuit board. Just a very bad design over all and they haven't bothered to change it a bit.
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