AVAST 8 vs NORTON 360 2013 vs WEBROOT

1. which one has best PROTECTION ,Detection , removal & blocking ability againts Trojans , Malewares , Viruses & ... ( 1000 other stuff comming from infected USB drives or Internet files )

2.which one has stronger firewall for BLOCKING Hacker ATTACKs & Internet threats ?

3. i know AVAST is Faster than norton & webroot is faster than both
now my question is . is performance difference between norton & avast Noticeable ? ( even if some one has eagle eye to detect one FPS slowdown or folder content loading slowdowns or whatever )

THX ALOT for your answers . i like AVAST 8 because of its features & interface . but im not sure about its protection & many say is Weaker than NORTON . in other hand i like norton's protection & features but many say its SLOW . but i dont notice anything .

haven'nt tried WEBROOT , But PC mag says lotta good stuff abt it . but i rather leave it as my last option cz im unaware of its protection !

PLEASE compare these Softwares only . im aware of rest of Stronger AV suits or lighter ones . THX ALOT :D
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  1. Of those three, I would put Norton most definitely first in all respects. Norton no longer slows down your system. It used to do, but Symantec has fixed that. People who insist that Norton slows the system down are either basing their comments on an old version they tried several years ago, or their machine is underpowered or borderline to start with (especially regarding the amount of RAM it has).

    However, Norton products have one major flaw, and that's the cost of subscription renewals. Whilst the initial cost for first-time users is very competitive and affordable, the cost of renewals is ridiculously high, and that's where it's losing out to the competition. A shame, because it's an excellent product otherwise.
  2. Thanks a lot for making things clear . Ok so what about Avast ? is it that low on protection ?

    i mean how much is the difference between norton & avast ? ( PROTECTION ONLY )
  3. My son was using Avast Antivirus but he was regularly being hit by a malware infection. I recommended he used Norton instead and now his PC stays clean. Unfortunately I didn't know about the high cost of subscription renewal at that time, so we both switched to using Comodo Antivirus (which is free). No malware is getting through with Comodo installed, so currently that's my recommendation to all who ask me what they should use.

    Comodo freeware products are here: http://www.comodo.com/
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