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I recently bought a PS Vita and am very interested in buying DJMax Technika Tune. The only question now is whether to go Digital or Physical. While I normally just go for whichever is cheapest (by a $10+ margin), I seem to be a bit of a pickle. On PSN the game is $45 while the cheapest physical copy I can find is $50. The game's been out for over a year now and the DJMax series is notorious for it's lack of sales/price cuts (with the rare exception of portable 3). I have a 16gb memory card and the game clocks in pretty big at 3.1gb, not to mention that playstation plus is also keeping my digital catalog pretty big. That being said, this'll probably be my go-to game for random bursts. Also I don't plan on reselling. Under normal circumstances I like having the physical game/box, but in this case I'm not so sure. What should I do!?:??:
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  1. unless your saving a lot by getting digital, always buy physical. You can resell your game or have less problems if your vita brakes.
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