Is this a good gaming build? Can it handle next generation gaming?

Can this build handle next gen gaming and most current gen games at a decent 40+ FPS? here is the build:

Some of the games I would like to play are:
Borderlands 2
Sleeping dogs
Arma II Mod DayZ
DayZ standalone
Splinter Cell: Blacklist

This is a graded computer for my class, so I really want to get an A please help me out with parts that could give me better performance for around the same price of $750, please dont go $20 dollars over for that is all I have. I have worked for 6 months, mowing lawns, racking lawns, and shoveling driveways for this, please help me out, thanks!
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  1. Yes should be good to go, nice selection
  2. For the graphics card should I just bite the bullet and get the 7970? or should I stick with the 7950? or should I switch to maybe the GTX 760? or 770? Some people told me that the 7950 would be a bad choice because in the next few years there will be a new card coming out, so, what should I do?
  3. There's new AMD cards just arounf the corner - he 79xx series, right now the 770 is tops of what you mention - for basic comparisons, might take a look here:
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